July 2022 Community Day – Starly

The featured Pokémon for the July 2022 Community Day will be Starly, the Starling Pokémon. Community Day will start on Sunday, July 17, 2022 at 11 a.m. local time and end at 2 p.m. local time. And, as always, there will be an increased chance that a Shiny Starly will appear as well!

This means you can expect to see tons of people playing Pokémon GO out in public spaces across the country, so take advantage of this opportunity to meet other players or just enjoy watching them play!

If, for some reason, you want to give Niantic more money, you can buy the special research “Field Notes: Starly” for $1.00 US or the equivalent in your local currency.

What is Starly/Staravia/Staraptor good for?

I’m sure the most important thing that you are wondering is what is Starly and it’s evolutions good for? The answer is basically… nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. Staraptor is a Tier 2 attacker, and Shadow Staraptor is a Tier 1 Attacker. It is pretty much useless in the GO Battle Leagues though. If you don’t have a great Flying team, Staraptor is a pretty good, cheap investment, but even Honchkrow and Braviary beat it out, so don’t go crazy.

What’s the point then?

I’m personally thinking of this event as mostly a way to rack up BUNCH of XP. Pop some lucky eggs and an incense and work on your Excellent throws. After three hours of grinding, you’ll probably move up out a level or two. Plus, I fully plan on taking advantage of the extra special trade and reduced Stardust costs for trades.

Event Bonuses:

During the event:

  • 3x Catch XP
  • 2x Catch Candy
  • Incense will last three hours (if activated during the event)
  • Lure Modules will last three hours (if activated during the event)
  • 2x chance to get Starly Candy XL from catching
  • Snapshot photobombs

During and up to five hours after the event:

  • One additional special trade (total of three)
  • Trades cost 50% less Stardust

Additional Bonuses:

  • Lure Modules will give 4x Catch XP if enough Pokémon are caught from a Lured Pokéstop
  • From 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. there will be four-star Staravia Raid Battles. If the Raid boss is defeated, Starly will in appear up to 300 meters around that Gym for 30 minutes.
    • *Remote Raid Passes will not work on these Raids.